The Creative Side of Leftovers?

Egg in Skillet

Eggs are one of my favorite foods.

Now and then creativity rears it’s head in unusual ways with me. This morning it just so happened to be with a tub of leftover white chili. Our food supply is low as we are purging out a lot of foods that will no longer be acceptable in a diet we are soon to start. We will be cutting out all sugar, starches, alcohol, dairy items, grains, and other various foods for a while. So at this point we have already rid our cupboards of a lot of stuff.

So I’m looking for something extra to eat with my eggs this morning and I find nothing, and I mean nothing, to eat with them. I used to eat eggs and toast. Now I have to find a new companion for my eggs. I rummaged around for a short while wondering what in the world to have with them. Then I noticed a small tub of leftover white chili (which already had rice added the second day for leftovers) and creativity struck. “What if I spooned a little of that chili into the skillet with some butter?” I pondered. At first I thought “no that won’t work”, yet once the idea had a hold of me it wouldn’t let go. I tried it.

Fried White Chili Patty

Fried chili anyone?

I heated up the iron skillet and dropped a dollop of butter in. Grabbed the chili from the fridge and nabbed a spoon from the drawer and I was off to cookin’. I spooned some into the delicious butteryness and added a touch of salt. I used a spatula to form it into a round shape. It held it’s form fairly well thanks to the rice, but did come apart some when I flipped it.

After it was golden brown on both sides I removed it and placed it on my plate. Then I fried up three eggs and laid them each atop the “white chili patty”. Turned off the stove, got a glass of water and sat down to try it out. I was mildly skeptical, but I knew it would be edible whether I like it much or not. Boy did my skepticism leap out of my brain and run down the hall after I tasted it! It was darn good!

Sometimes it is good to just follow whatever crazy ideas may pop into your head, even if you are fearful of the result.

Fried White Chili With Eggs

The finished product!