Project JAX in B&W 2012: Submission #6 “Men on a Bench”

I had serious apprehensions about submitting this photo due to the smudge right smack in the middle, but the more I looked at it the more I liked it. At first glance it appears these guys have no interest in one another almost alluding to the racial barrier we still (too) often see in our society. Though, seeing the men converse before I took the photo would give a completely different view. A lesson learned in this… things aren’t always as they seem.

Men on a Bench, Jacksonville, Florida
“Men on a Bench”

This one is just a spur of the moment snapshot as I sat at a stoplight.

Looking at it there seems to be an awkward statement with the two men on each end of the bench looking away from each other. What you don’t see is them talking and smiling at one another as they sat in wait for the bus. By chance, when I clicked the shutter, they looked away from each other for that moment.

Project JAX in B&W 2012: Submission #5 “J.H. Churchwell Company”

I really thought this photo was going to be a huge disappointment on track for digital file #13 until I saw it big on my computer screen. I hope you like it as much as I do.

J.H. Churchwell Company, Jacksonville, Florida
J.H. Churchwell Company – Jacksonville, Florida

I didn’t go out to get photos for the project when I took this shot. I was in the back of a limo riding around town and took my camera along just for snapshots. We stopped at the red light and I saw the J.H. Churchwell Company building which really looked cool from that viewpoint so I turned on the camera and composed a shot. Just as I clicked the shutter button the limo driver took off. I was bummed until I downloaded it to the computer and saw it full size. I thought the little bit of shadow added to the photo over all and after applying a selenium tone I really liked it.

Project JAX in B&W 2012: Submission #4 “Jogger Next to St. Johns River”

Yeah I thought I was cool skating across the Acosta Bridge. Boy was I wrong when I was coming back down off it. I did what I could to look good doing it, but I’m sure some passers by were getting a chuckle out of it. “Hey look at that imbecile trying to skate on the bridge with a camera hanging from his neck!” Hardy har har my dad always would say.

Jogger Next to St. Johns River
Jogger Next to St. Johns River

I took this photo not long before the one I took of David making the floral designs with palm fronds as I was skating across the Acosta Bridge. After this I can give one piece of advice: don’t skate across the Acosta Bridge unless you are really good on skates. Going up is not so bad, but on the down slope it can be tricky to maintain your stance without gaining too much acceleration.